QR code scanner online

QrCodeScan.Online is the fastest tool to use for scanning all QR code types easily and without installing an app.

How do I scan QR codes online?

It’s easy, you just give this website the permission to use your camera, then you have to point the camera towards the QR code.

The result will be shown bellow the camera frame. And depending on the type of the QR code scanned, you will be provided with the appropriate shortcuts.

How do I scan QR code online from image ?

If you have a QR code saved in your device or gallery as an image, and you want to scan this QR code online from image; you have to click on the gallery icon on the bottom right of the camera frame. Then a picker will be shown to choose you image.

As by using camera, the result will be shown bellow the camera frame, and then you can see the result and use all available shortcuts.

Is it safe to give this website the camera permission?

Sure, we use camera only to scan QR Codes. So, it’s safe.

Can I use this website for scanning QR Codes from images only?

Yes. You can deny camera permission and continue using this tool for scanning QR code from image.

Have you an app that can I install in my device?

Yes, we have an app that works in android devices, you can install it from Google Play Store: QR Code Scanner Android App

How Can I contact you?

You can contact us using this email: contact[ap]qrcodescan.online